The TIE Project




With declining participation rates in skilled labor across industries and a focus on university education, a significant skills gap is emerging between the experts in the field, and their trainees. This growing gap is and will continue to vastly impact the quality, capacity and capability of many industries. If we continue on this path of decline, we will ultimately reach a cliff where our nation’s production ability will collapse. This is a serious problem.


To aid in solving this problem, we are creating a series of projects alongside our supporters from various skilled labor industries. These projects are designed to captivate the interest of the youth through engaging activities such as Air Racing, Composites manufacturing, CNC operation and much more. These projects will serve to educate the youth and their parents about the financial rewards and also the ability to provide opportunities for fulfilling hobbies and create positive, Lasting memories that can be cherished and passed down through generations. 

Our Cornerstone Project – T.I.E. Air Racing – is a model for all future projects. It takes a large swath of skill sets to build, modify, operate and maintain an air racing aircraft. These are all skills that are used in many different careers. The sights, sounds, power and speed are the elements of the project that we use to attract the youth to engage with our race team and learn about what it takes to field a competitive air racer. The youth that participates in this project not only get to engage in an exciting project and learn about these different careers, but we will provide education and a pathway to pursue these careers.


We aim to captivate the interest of the youth through engaging activities and topics such as air racing, composites manufacturing, and CNC operation. These industries not only offer financial rewards, but also provide opportunities for fulfilling hobbies and create positive, lasting memories that can be cherished and passed down through generations.


An additional benefit to our supporters is that The T.I.E. Project serves as a hub for participating companies and industries, fostering networking and collaboration. We enable cross industry promotion, reaching diverse audiences through various media platforms. By supporting us, partners can gain exposure to a larger and more diverse crowd, expanding their reach and attracting potential customers and employees.

Our influencing mechanisms are currently, but not limited to:


We believe in the power of special events to ignite passion and transform lives. By attending our events and engaging with our activities, young individuals can discover exciting career paths they may have overlooked before. Our goal is to positively impact as many lives as possible. 

Join Us

Supporting this cause can be done through a few methods. You can create a project with us for your industry, sponsor an existing project financially or with a product, or make financial contributions to the organization to help us get the message out through as many outlets as possible. Please contact us with your thoughts, questions and suggestions and let’s work together to expand our reach and increase our impact.