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RENO 2023. Last year. Always in our hearts.

It has been announced that the Reno Air Races will no longer be held at the Reno-Stead Airport after 2023. The final event is scheduled to take place from September 13th to September 17th and will mark the end of a partnership lasting six decades between the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority and the Reno Air Racing Association. Daren Griffin, President and CEO of RTAA, expressed his gratitude for the event which brought the local community and aviation enthusiasts from around the world together in a celebration of innovation and history. While this news is bittersweet, both organizations have pledged to make this year’s event a tremendous success and are committed to ensuring it’s a fitting end to this historic chapter for the event in northern Nevada. The air races have been a fixture in Reno since 1964, but the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority cited concerns over challenging economic conditions, rapid area development, public safety, and the impact on the Reno-Stead Airport and its surrounding areas as the reasons for their decision. Despite the disappointment, the Reno Air Racing Association is proud of the past ten Air Race events as they have attracted over one million spectators, generated more than $750 million for the local economy, and contributed significantly to aviation-related education and outreach to schools and non-profits in the area. The Reno Air Racing Association is currently in discussions with other venues to explore options to continue the National Championship Air Races well into the future.